Five Ways You Can Use Events to Boost Your Brand

Leveraging your event to promote brand awareness

Despite the travel and social restrictions in current times, there is no doubt about the increased power in-person events will have once the pandemic has subsided. According to the Event Marketing 2020: Benchmarks and Trends report, 85% of executives have identified in-person events as critical for their company’s success - a number that has more than doubled from the results of the previous years. These results highlight how using events as a platform to promote awareness and generate loyalty is an essential element for your brand strategy.

Read on to discover 5 ways you can use events to boost your brand. 

1. Define Your Purpose 

Before you start planning a successful event, your first step is to identify your goals, objectives and target audience. Establishing these will help you align with your overall brand marketing and make your planning a lot easier. 

Are you inviting current supporters of your brand, or are you reaching out to new potential customers? The answer will be a key deciding factor to indicate what kind of information is presented during the event and what type of function should be held. If you are hosting the event for current supporters, the event can be less material-heavy and focus more on nurturing a stronger brand community. However, suppose the purpose is for a new market. In that case, promoting an adequate amount of information that resonates to the brand story is necessary so that your attendees understand why they are there. Marriott is highly experienced in hosting a wide array of function types, and our venues are specifically curated to adapt to specific needs. View our latest offers now:  

2. Social Media 

Harnessing the power of social media can prove to be extremely useful for all stages of the event management process; however, 51% of event professionals find using it effectively is a big challenge. We suggest that you look into your social media strategy at three different stages: pre-event, during, and post-event. 

Your invitations can be shared on your social media platforms, as well as the venue’s social media channel to generate event anticipation. For the duration of the event, consider having brand-styled set-ups on display or backdrops that encourage your guests to take photos and engage by tagging your brand or the venue. Additionally, a Marriott events team can also advise on what audiovisual services they have and collaborate with an external production company to broadcast your event live on your social media platforms and entice online attendees to join in. Showcase your event post-function by sharing photos on your channels to continue engagement with your guests and generate more buzz. 

3. A Brand Experience

Enhance your guests’ event experience by transforming the venue to showcase your brand visually. With 30 of its brands worldwide, Marriott’s extensive portfolio offers a plethora of venues to choose from, so there is always an event space that can support your vision and suit any specific needs for your event. 

Once you have selected your venue of choice, make sure you speak with one of our team of professionals. The more you can share about your upcoming event, the more they can help you create a unique and personalized experience for your brand. 

Being able to visit the venue and undergo a full site inspection is hugely beneficial. Not only to meet our team in person, but they can walk you through the event space and share what opportunities and possibilities there are for your event. There are always several physical touchpoints throughout a venue that can be tailored to showcase your brand. You could consider: displaying your logo on digital signboards around the property, having floral displays presented in your brand color palette or customizing the coffee breaks by having your logo incorporated on a food or beverage item, brand videos playing on screens or featuring a curated display set-up. 

Budget depending, a final impactful touchpoint could be presented in an event goody bag. Collaborate with the venue’s event team to help you distribute your surprise goody bags when your guests are leaving. The goody bag can feature a number of your products as a final showcase of your brand. To generate an even greater positive sentiment, consider sharing a thoughtful gift card from Marriott, inviting them to enjoy a complimentary dining or spa experience which turns that event venue into a more holistic memorable experience. 

4. Promote a Cause 

If possible, consider setting your event around a meaningful initiative that links to your brand and donate a percentage of proceeds from ticket sales to support this cause. A study by McKinsey highlights how the pandemic has brought an increasingly positive sentiment towards companies that are contributing to causes that support communities, the planet, or healthcare. 57% of consumers surveyed reported that they had made significant changes to their lifestyles to lessen their environmental impact from the time the pandemic began. This fact showcases the magnitude of shifts consumers are experiencing and the concrete actions to put these theories into practice. Communicate your initiative through materials presented throughout the event or additionally, have a dedicated set-up that your guests can approach during one of their coffee breaks. 

5. Post-event follow-ups 

Getting in touch with your guests after your event can emphasize that you are going above and beyond to ensure they had a positive experience. Proactive communication is a key way to receive valuable feedback and nurture these new or existing relationships to ensure they become brand advocates and take desirable actions to convert ROI. Besides reaching out on email, consider extending event-only offers that are appreciated for their exclusivity, getting active on a blog as an additional brand resource or host a social media contest to maintain your target audiences’ engagement with your brand. 

Read our previous blog: 3 Golden Rules for Staying Connected with Event Participants for more information on how to do this effectively.

We hope our tips above serve as an insightful guide to enhance your next event. Marriott is committed to providing you with award-winning service to help your event meets your strategic goals. Our team of experts are at your side every step of the process to ensure your event experience is a memorable occasion for all. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can support you in personalizing your upcoming event to boost your brand and, together, reach your highest potential.